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Responsible for history, celebrated by the poet Lamartine, this masonry of prestige, built around an old mill of XVIIIe, proposes five rooms of hosts to you and a lodging for 4 people (3 ears).
Within a preserved village, in the middle of the Valley Lamartinien, the Mill of Arbillons is an open door on the Romance cities and churches (Cluny, Taizé, Paray Monial), the green lane (excursions equestrian, cyclists, pedestrian), the vineyards of Mâconnais, for natural stays, cultural and greedy.
The old part of this masonry (the tower) was used as dwelling to the Miller who exploited the mill located at the place of current the " Orangerie".
This mill functioned until 1870, supplied with the river " Valouzin" who passes to the foot of the property.


"Nature is a large artist when one lets it conform itself his means to his goal. This mill of it is the proof. I never pass by this village without admiring this unwise combination, which makes this construction of the chance a model of picturesque reasoned. This house sat down by need on the rock, 'where she sees and from where she is seen."
Alphonse de Lamartine

Bourgvilain, with charmless phonetique, means the he borough of unpleasant, i.e. the place where released men of serfdom live. Bourgvilain means " the borough of the free men ".

Quelques dates:
                        Début XVIIIe    Building of the watermill

                         1877              Purchase of the property by the family which makes build the wife-swapping party of the                                                       building then the North-western wing

                       Depuis 1976      inside and outside house renovation.

                        1993               Creation of five bead and breakfasts 

                        2005               Creation of a 4 - 5 people lodging
Le Moulin des Arbillons
timeless place, where you will remain longer than envisaged.